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Handmade Terracotta Clay Tiles

We ensure that the payment procedures we undertake are completely secured. Cash payments and bank transfers are some of the modes of payment that we accept.Following the strict packaging guidelines, we make sure that the range of products we offer are packed sternly to evade loss/damage. By this, we ensure that the products are in safe condition during handling, warehousing and transportation.


Different Size : 10x10x1.0cm, 10x10x1.5cm, 10x10x2.0cm, 12x24x2.0cm 12x24x2.5cm, 12x24x3.0cm 40x40x4.0cm, 50x50x3.0cm, 50x50x3.5cm, 50x50x4.0cm, 14x18x47x1.5cm, 18x22x50x1.5cm